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Procurement Direct has been working to add value to your business and connect leads with you and business.

We specialized in driving new insights and measurable impact for organizations across a range of industries. Our aim is to provide high quality customized business meetings in a comfortable and friendly ambiance for our clients, enabling them to potentially grow their business right away. Procurement Direct mission is to keep up the most elevated standards of quality and intervention in research, strategic planning, event management, Business Intelligence and Management Consultancy.We facilitate organizations coordinate with senior administration and Industry specialists directly, and give a prologue to emerging companies.

Our Process

Process Oriented

Develop a plan:

Develop a plan:

The aim of this is to identify, evaluate and develop objectives and strategies that will help our clients grow their professional network and business.
Deliver Results:

Deliver Results:

Finally, our expert on-site staff delivers our clients on every promise and executes the plan with such finesse that our clients don’t go home without signing up for our next ventures.
Conduct market research:

Conduct market research:

To keep up with the latest market trends and gain a competitive edge in the business market, our team undergoes extensive market research of up to 24 Months to provide our customers with the vital advantage in reaching out to their target audience and increasing their sales.
Design Customized events:

Design Customized events:

Tailoring to the requirements of our client’s high level gatherings is arranged in exquisite cities around the World to maximize the experience and potential business partnerships.

Stephen Boccardo Sr. VP Business Development and Commercial Strategy Quartesian – “Clinical Data Your Way

“ I really enjoyed the Clinical Trials Nexus Summit in Boston. I thought the venue brought together all the individuals in a casual environment. I really like the format as a vendor. The ability to sit face to face for 20-30 minutes with a decision maker at a pharma/biotech company is invaluable. I was able to make several very good connections and I had sent proposals out to prospects within 3 weeks of initial meeting. Normally this might take 3-6 months from first introduction in the typical process. I believe the cost per qualified lead is much lower at this show.”


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  • Exhibitions and Demos
  • Workshops
  • Prequalified Meetings
  • Presentation Slots
  • Marketing and Brand Awareness
Delegates & Speakers

Delegates & Speakers

  • Networking Sessions
  • Presentations by industry leaders
  • Panel Discussions
  • Workshops


  • Virtue
  • Exclusivity
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Variation
  • Competitive Edge
  • Systematic Approach
To become a trusted networking partner for businesses worldwide.

Mission & Vision

We are dedicated in joining hands with our clients and to help them in developing their strategic business relations in industry by bringing the highest quality professional gatherings.

Why choose us

We specialized in driving new insights and measurable impact for organizations across a range of industries. Our aim is to provide high quality customized business meetings in a comfortable and friendly ambiance for our clients, enabling them to potentially grow their business right away.

Lead Generation

A lead is where it all begins. Without leads, there are no clients, no revenue, and no satisfaction. We work with a verified lead generation process that ensures to provide you a rapid, direct and easy access to your desired decision makers, increasing the chances for you to find the next best partner for your upcoming ventures.

B2B Professional Gatherings

We offer a bespoke and personal service, listening to your requirements and providing meticulous planning for a unique business platform. You will work with our dedicated conference planners who all have extensive event project management expertise. You will find yourself surrounded by infinite opportunities to enhance your professional network and learn from your peers at PD’s events.

Promotional and Marketing Solutions

Exclusive and well-designed marketing and promotional strategies made by our marketing team will help to increase brand awareness, spread appropriate information to your customers, increase Customer Traffic and in turn, build sales and profits in the ever-so-competitive market.

What our clients say?

I have attended Drug Discovery Nexus 2018. It was very interesting conference. It has lot of high values talks also the venue of the conference was very nice, there was much possibilities to network & learn new contacts, I think there will be some follow ups that I have already discovered & I really like the conference.

Patrick Baumhof
Vice President Formulation & Delivery, CureVac AG Germany

I was very pleased to come here & I think it was very interesting conference, I learned a lot & I hope to create some collaborative relationships with people from this audience. Thank you very much to organizers, it was a really a pleasure to be here.

Dr. Rina Arad Yellin
Senior chemist and Lab Manager, Semorex Tech Israel

First of all I would like to congratulate to organization committee to put this kind of event that I see is very very interesting because it is one opportunity to put altogether different brands, different collaborations that are present in all over the world & I think it is big opportunity to discuss about different needs with all the colleagues in a very friendly environment that organized by Procurement Direct & I see that I really enjoy a lot this meeting, I congratulate to them & I hope to join in the future.

Manel Lopez
Head of Computational Chemistry, AB Science France

I have found very interesting contacts and information about the equipment concerning testing the phenotype of cells we are producing

Petr Bažant
Validation Engineer, Scimed Biotech Czech Republic

It was nice to be here at Drug Discovery Nexus in Munich & meet a lot of customer and we hope that we get a lot of feedback afterwards we go back to India.

Joy Paiza
Vice President, JDM Research India

I came here to speak to present my discovery technologies to people of the conference, I found this conference very valuable one, I have been giving talks in lots of different conferences but I still found that the people here that I hadn’t meet & I was able to make very good contact with, so for me this conference is very worthwhile.

Roger New
(Co-Founder, Director) Proxima Concepts Ltd UK

I like to say that I was very impress with the quality and content of DDN conference, who just completed it was cutting edge information from cutting edge companies & I am sure that it will result in greater collaborations in future.

Fred Jacobs
CEO & Co-founder TYG Oncology Ltd UK

I have been participating in Drug Discovery Nexus in Munich 2018, this is been a lot of success, I have been contributing as active chairperson on the second day, I have been also talking myself about the advancements that silence therapeutics have made. In summary I can say this is been a very rich diverse and inspiring conference, the networking opportunities were excellent. The arrangements, the one on one arrangements were working out for both the participants & also for the solutions & service providers. I recommend the conference and wish the good luck in future.

Torsten Hoffmann
CSO Silence Therapeutics Germany

Just a note of thanks for organizing the Boston meeting. I found it to be both informative and enjoyable and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Jane Johnston
Vice President Operations, Neurotez, Inc.

I was able to reconnect with some colleagues and meet a few interesting attendees

Marshall Hayward
Chief Scientific Officer, Jupiter Orphan Pharmaceuticals

The hotel/conference venue was very nice and in a good location and the venue catering was also of a high standard.  The speakers in general were of good quality.

Yvonne Lungershausen
Director Clinical Services, CPR Pharma Services Pty Ltd

The meeting was interesting and I got to meet many talented people.

Sulochana R Gawande, Ph.D.
Head Oncology Medical Writing and Publications, Eisai Oncology Business Group

I found it informational.

Molly Sarkar
VP, Head of Clinical Development, Alcresta Therapeutics
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