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To maintain your good business relations are our key priority.
We are on a mission to create inspiring learning, networking and leadership opportunities for professionals and luminaries of their respective fields. We offer business to business meetings, international summits as well as personalized consultation for businesses in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and health care, supply chain, information technology, HR, Finance and many other areas. Through extensive research and analysis, we aim to find our clients the best-fit vendors for their active requirements with the ultimate goal of benefitting our clients' business development and productivity.

Lead generation

Lead generation

A lead is where it all begins. Without leads, there are no clients, no revenue, and no satisfaction. We work with a verified lead generation process that ensures to provide you a rapid, direct and easy access to your desired decision makers, increasing the chances for you to find the next best partner for your upcoming ventures.
B2B Professional Gatherings

B2B Professional Gatherings

We offer a bespoke and personal service, listening to your requirements and providing meticulous planning for a unique business platform. You will work with our dedicated conference planners who all have extensive event project management expertise. You will find yourself surrounded by infinite opportunities to enhance your professional network and learn from your peers at PD’s events.
Promotional and Marketing Solutions

Promotional and Marketing Solutions

Exclusive and well-designed marketing and promotional strategies made by our marketing team will help to increase brand awareness, spread appropriate information to your customers, increase Customer Traffic and in turn, build sales and profits in the ever-so-competitive market.
Event management:

Event management:

We provide you with complete statistical evaluation as well as data information & analysis of related corporate firms all over the world.
Management consultancy:

Management consultancy:

If you are looking for a world class source of expert advice related to business management in any field, we are the one. Our wide range expertise in areas of corporate administration indoors as well as outdoors can be the real key to your business success.
Conferences and Summits

Conferences and Summits

Creating the perfect ambiance and a well-organized platform to bring together two interested parties as well as providing access to the insights and ideas of professional experts in our summits, we help businesses in building their external relations.
Exhibitions and Workshops

Exhibitions and Workshops

We provide you unique platform to showcase your products and services, meet new and potential partners and explore the current and future trends of your industry. Interactive discussions and experience sharing help forging strong and lasting relationships with the peers of industry.
Webinnars and Trainings

Webinnars and Trainings

To help amplify the knowledge of its clients in their respective fields, we bring to you training sessions located on the internet, easily accessible to all clients around the globe. These webinars not just highlight the prospects and issues in the related industries, but also propose solutions paired with expert advices from professional specialists
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What ROI should we expect from our investment?

The success ratio of our past events is 35% which means 3-4 new projects, which we believe is a pragmatic ROI

What would be an unexpected, but delightful result of sponsoring your event?

Increase your reach & exposure to new clients, customers and businesses.

What other activities beyond keynotes and workshops are on offer at the event?

Lead generation, Prequalified meetings, Networking Sessions, Panel Discussions along with Keynote Presentations & Workshops are the features of the event.

Who are the other speakers and what will they talk about?

The speakers of every event are carefully researched to ensure that audience is exposed to the highest level of proficiency.

Who is your target audience?

Our team do extensive 8-9 month research prior to every event, and based on that research we define our target audience for every event.

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