4th Drug Discovery Nexus Summit

Road to success 2019

Procurement Direct Ltd is proud to present Flagship Summit 4 th Drug Discovery Nexus taking place in Boston USA on 16 th and 17 th May 2019. Despite the advances in technology and understanding of the biological systems, drug discovery is still a long process with a low rate of new therapeutic discoveries. This Summit will bring together key opinion leaders and senior industry experts to discuss the latest developments in drug discovery strategies. 4 th Drug Discovery Nexus focuses on the inventive process of finding new medications based on the knowledge of the biological target.


About 4th Drug Discovery Nexus

A new approach to drug discovery and preclinical areas is to understand how the diseases and infections are controlled at the molecular and physiological level and to target specific entities based on this knowledge. Process of drug discovery involves the identification of the candidates, synthesis, characterization, screening and assays for its therapeutic efficacy. This summit will provide a unique opportunity to hear from experts and join the conversation on current challenges of drug discovery.

Peculiar Conference Format

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will run in parallel with the plenary sessions and possibly during networking breaks. The presenter may deliver a short informal talk or conduct a demonstration.

Pre-qualified one to one meetings

30 minutes pre-qualified meetings is a distinctive feature of the event.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussion will include two to five minute introduction of the topic with each panelist taking five minutes to introduce themselves and their perspectives on the topic. Then 15-20 minutes of Q&A with the audience ending with a summary and thanks.

Exhibition Space

10-12 exhibition booths will be present at the networking area.

Keynote Presentations

30 minutes Keynote presentations will address all the current industry challenges.

Tailor fit & Personalised Agenda

The agenda of the event is carefully researched to ensure that audience is exposed to the highest level of expertise.

What we offer

  • Enrich topics
  • Meet experts & influencers face to face
  • Focused Networking
  • Information about the valuable insights of industry
  • Virtual synchronization
  • Pronouncement Authority
  • Distinct Contrast
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Direct contact with potential clients and costumers
  • Get fresh ideas and solutions for your business
  • Stay current with trends by learning from powerful speakers
  • Observe visual cues from presenters & other attendees
  • Gain insight into how new techniques are being utilized to discover new drugs
  • CSO
  • Head, Biology & Translational Pharmacology
  • Head, Oncology Chemistry
  • Dir Discovery Chemistry & Technology
  • Head of Molecular & Computational Toxicology
  • VP, R&D
  • Director DMPK
  • CEO
  • Head, Cancer Biology & Pharmacology
  • Dir CAR Program, Research & Discovery
  • Chief Scientist, R&D
  • Director R&D Management
  • Director Biomarker Discovery
  • Senior Director Preclinical
  • Director Pharmacology
  • Senior Group Leader Medicinal Chemistry
  • VP Preclinical R&D
  • VP Chemistry
  • Director Preclinical Research
  • Director Preclinical Drug Safety
  • Head, PTS Discovery Genome Editing

Medicinal Chemistry Optimization

3D cell culture Technology

Enzymes in Drug Discovery

Recombinant DNA Technology

Progression of Novel Technologies

Munich, Germany
Drug Discovery Nexus
Procurement Direct organized Drug Discovery Nexus on 3rd & 4th May 2018 in Munich Germany. Over 200 attendees from top Pharma/Biotech companies attended DDN, the event offered many networking opportunities which our clients perceived useful. Over 15 presentations & two panel discussions on latest Drug Discovery Challenges made DDN a huge success.
3-4 May 2018
18 speakers
130 participants
Drug Discovery Nexus
Boston, USA
2nd Drug Discovery Nexus Summit
Following positive feedback & enormous success of DDN, Procurement Direct organized 2nd DDN on 25th & 26th October 2018 in Boston USA. Following the success of Munich event, 2nd DDN made a big name in USA industry by ground breaking success. The main distinctive highlight of 2nd DDN was two co-located events which covered the all challenges in USA drug discovery industry. The feedback of clients at 2nd DDN was exceptional.
25 & 26 October 2018
22 speakers
120 participants
2nd Drug Discovery Nexus Summit
2019 Summit

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2 days of inspiration and education on Drug Discovery
  • United States
  • 05/16/2019
  • 14 Speakers
  • 208 Tickets

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Networking was great. Information of talks was informative and the agenda was good.
I am standing outside the exhibition & it has been a lot of interesting things going on.
I have been participating in Drug Discovery Nexus in Munich 2018, this is been a lot of success, I have been contributing as active chairperson on the second day, I have been also talking myself about the advancements that silence therapeutics have made. In summary I can say this is been a very rich diverse and inspiring conference, the networking opportunities were excellent. The arrangements, the one on one arrangements were working out for both the participants & also for the solutions & service providers. I recommend the conference and wish the good luck in future.
I like to say that I was very impress with the quality and content of DDN conference, who just completed it was cutting edge information from cutting edge companies & I am sure that it will result in greater collaborations in future.
I came here to speak to present my discovery technologies to people of the conference, I found this conference very valuable one, I have been giving talks in lots of different conferences but I still found that the people here that I hadn’t meet & I was able to make very good contact with, so for me this conference is very worthwhile.
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